Board of Advisors
Modern Office

Rob Cappelletti

Rob is the Executive Director of both the Meriden and Groton Housing Authorities in Connecticut. Additionally, he is the director of their affiliated non-profit development entities.  In the last 5 years Rob has created over $400 million in multi-family and mixed-use projects that all have renewable energy and energy conservation components including solar PV  and geothermal heating, cooling & hot water.

Marcus Cintas

Experienced Business Development Advisor over the last 7 years with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate and MUSH markets. Skilled in Finance, Marketing Management, International Business Development, Holistic Energy Assets and Renewable Energy Markets. Marcus has Bachelor of Science (B.S.) focused in Business/Corporate Communications from University of San Diego.

Cynthia Cresswell Cook

Cynthia was a multi-family residential owner/manager for over 35 years. Her experience includes multi-family construction supervision, maintenance, administration and compliance.  She also has spent many years working as a professional writer. Cynthia is an avid promoter of sustainability & renewable energy.

Greg Duff

Greg has spent the last 20 years as an insurance executive serving large accounts at USI Insruance. He has a deep understanding of insurance backed by vast corporate resources. Prior to the insurance industry, Greg was the owner of the "Best Restaurant in Connecticut."

Robert Jensen

Robert is an engineer and physicist. He is an accredited geothermal designer with 10 years of leadership in the industry.   He has successful installations in over 400 locations totaling over $10 million.

Richard Slowey

Richard spent his first 20 years in the insurance industry including senior management of a 200 employee agency.  For the next 10 years, Richard was the CEO of a Massachusetts Licensed Mortgage banking firm of 20 employees that handled commercial and residential loans,   From 2002 to 2009, Richard was the COO of a multi-family real estate development firm that caused the creation of over $300 million in multi-family/mixed-use developments. Since 2009, Richard has been a real estate development and alternative energy consultant.