Meeting the Staff

Brendan Slowey


Brendan brings prior experience in starting & managing a small business. Additionally, he brings years of experience in commercial & multi-family development with a focus on sustainability. He has kept his perspective grounded and skills sharp while advocating and researching renewable energy systems and solutions.

Marcus Cintas 

Finance Director

Marcus’ experience includes 7 years of renewable energy project work including power generation, storage and micro-grids.  He has a demonstrated history of working in the real estate and MUSH markets as well as working with the military at Camp Pendleton Marine Base in San Diego.  He has contributed strategically in areas such as finance, marketing management, international business development, sales & operations.

Cynthia Cresswell Cook

Sales & Marketing Director

Cynthia was a multi-family residential owner/manager for over 35 years. Her experience includes multi-family construction supervision, maintenance, administration and compliance.  She also has spent many years working as a professional writer. Cynthia is an avid promoter of sustainability & renewable energy.